Funding & Insurance

Funding Source Age Range Contact Information
Regional Center of Orange County Early Intervention Birth to 3 yrs RCOC Intake
Regional Center of Orange County Behavior Services 3 yrs – adult RCOC Intake
United Military & Veterans
Extended Health Care Option (ECHO)
Autism Demonstration Project
18mos – adolescence Contact your ECHO / Special Needs Coordinator
School Districts 3 yrs – adolescence Footprints is a certified non-public agency serving school districts throughout Orange County 714-848-8319


Regional Centers of Orange County

Since 2005, Footprints Behavioral Interventions has provided unparalleled behavior therapy services for children and families throughout Orange County as a regional center ABA vendor. Our support services are designed to meet the needs of individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. As a proud Spotlight Award Hall of Fame Recipient for support services, Footprints continues to uphold our standards of professionalism and excellence in providing best practices behavioral therapy and consultation services. To determine if your child qualifies for services, families should contact their local regional center to initiate the evaluation and approval process. If your child is determined to be eligible for services, the regional center will authorize funding for behavioral therapy services with Footprints Behavioral Interventions.

Military TriCare United Behavioral Healthcare

Footprints Behavioral Interventions is a preferred provider of behavioral therapy services for military children with the TriCare BASIC for retirees, Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) and Autism Demonstration Services.

For more information about our behavioral therapy services for TRICARE beneficiaries, please contact us.

Private Pay Insurance

Footprints Behavioral Interventions is excited to announce that we are now accepting private insurance. Additional insurance companies are also approving ABA services on case by case basis.

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Administrative Registration Documents Scan and attach a copy, fax, or mail your completed form attention to Intake Coordinator and we will contact you within 48 business hours upon receipt of your child’s information:
Fax: 1-888-293-3374
Mail: Footprints Behavioral Interventions
1901 Carnegie Avenue, Suite 1-C
Santa Ana, California 92705

Contact us today to inquire about services through your private insurance at 800-273-4292 or email us at Our contracts team will be happy to guide you through the process of determining your child’s eligibility for ABA services and work with your health insurance plan.

Please submit the downloadable Health Insurance Eligibility & Medical Intake Forms below which will enable us to determine your child’s eligibility for ABA services. We as a team are ready to assist you with navigating the insurance web and working together to secure ABA therapy services for your child.

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Below, you will also find some helpful resources with up-to-date information regarding private insurance funding for ABA therapy services. Should you have any additional questions or if you would like to discuss treatment options, please email us at: