Parents & Families

Parent and Family Education & Training

At Footprints Behavioral Interventions, we value family and your priorities are our priorities. Our approach is simple and we hope you will find learning both fun and interesting. As you learn about Applied Behavior Analysis, you will realize that the principles of ABA are already deeply-embedded into virtually every aspect of your life. Once you discover this simple truth, we believe that you can and will learn how to systematically promote positive growth and development in your child. Together, with our parents and families, we can make the pivotal changes required to optimize your child’s growth. We also encourage your participation in the development of your child’s treatment plan as we understand that your involvement is a key variable to programming success!

Our comprehensive programs are designed to help your child achieve their full potential throughout their lifetime. Our lifespan services support individuals with Autism and related disorders from birth through adulthood. Through intensive and highly-individualized programs designed to address your child’s specific needs, Footprints Behavioral Interventions, is with you every step of the way.

Our team of dedicated Licensed Clinicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and Professionals will guide you through our parent training curriculum to help you achieve mastery of the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We are confident that through our parent consultation model, you will gain the skills needed to successfully tackle your child’s most challenging behaviors as well as learning effective strategies to address your child’s individual learning needs.

Our parent consultation and training model consists of the following:

    • Parent Education Workshops/Seminars
    • Access to online learning modules
    • Video review/Consultation
    • 1:1 hands-on learning, Modeling, and Coaching

Through our individualized consultation and parent training programs, you will learn strategies to address skill deficits and excesses in both the home and community setting, thus improving your family and child’s overall quality of life.

Siblings/Peer-Mediated Interventions & Training

In addition to our parent education training, our consultation model frequently incorporates siblings and/or peers, as appropriate, in order to foster more interactive social environments. Through modeling and direct instruction, our professionals equip siblings and/or peers with the skills to effectively model and reinforce appropriate social behavior. To further encourage sibling and peer interaction, Footprints hosts monthly playgroups designed to not only provide parents an opportunity to connect with other families, but to provide all of our children with the opportunity to forge new friendships. We invite you to check out our events calendar to learn more about upcoming parent education workshops, seminars, and opportunities to participate in our free monthly Footprints OC Playgroups!

We are committed to empowering you with the knowledge and practical hands-on strategies essential to promoting positive behavior change. To learn more about our services please contact us!