Footprints Behavioral Interventions offers comprehensive services to individuals with autism and related disorders from infancy to adulthood. Our behavioral programs are implemented through a combination of structured and goal-oriented, play-based teaching interactions. Footprints utilizes empirically-validated intervention approaches and operates within the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). In designing our individualized programs, each child’s unique strengths and weaknesses are carefully considered in order to optimize learning. Our innovative services include:

First Steps (Birth to 3)

Early Intervention Program

At Footprints, we know that nothing is more precious than the bond between a parent and child. As parents, we understand how much you treasure every second together. Our First Steps Program is designed for children ages 0-3 with delays in communication, social, motor skills, and/or cognition or behavioral challenges. Our family-based paradigm for early intervention is designed to stimulate your child’s growth and development through engagement in stimulating and meaningful interactions to ensure your child’s outcomes are optimized.

Our highly trained and professional First Steps Early Intervention team will guide you through all the essential skills that babies typically develop during the first three years of life, such as:

    • Physical (reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking)
    • Cognitive (thinking, learning, solving problems)
    • Communication (talking, listening, understanding)
    • Social/Emotional (playing, feeling secure and happy)
    • Self-help (eating, dressing)

If you think your baby or toddler’s communication or behavior is not where you expected it to be at this stage in your child’s development, it’s important to find out because there IS something you can do about it and we can help!

Leaps and Bounds (Elementary through Middle School)

Classroom/Academic Support Program

Our Leaps and Bounds program provides intensive intervention designed to teach functional academics and life skills (i.e. self-help, communication, social skills, etc.) by:

    • Increasing engagement and motivation in meaningful activities
    • Implementing programs that support skills needed for academic readiness
    • Facilitating independence and social interaction in both the home and the school setting

Our leaps and bounds program is committed to helping your child reach their fullest potential.

Journey (High School through College/Career)

Positive Behavior Support Program

Our Journey program services are designed to promote community integration, development of life/vocational skills, and to promote independent living. Our services may be provided in the home, school, community, and vocational settings. Through use of positive behavior support programming, our team of skilled consultants and therapists will help your child gain essential skills necessary to increase functional skills while reducing and replacing maladaptive behaviors to improves your child and families overall quality of life. Our Journey Program places an emphasis on parent training and consultation to ensure that you are prepared to address behaviors and teach new skills throughout your child’s life.

Valued Outcomes
Positive behavior support interventions result in increases in an individuals’ success and personal satisfaction. In addition, our programming is designed to enhance positive social interactions across home, school, recreational and community settings. Valued outcomes include an increase in the quality of life as defined by an individual’s positive lifestyle changes that increase social belonging.

Behavioral and Biomedical Science
Research in applied behavior analysis has demonstrated the importance of analyzing the interaction between behavior and the environment. From this perspective, behavior is considered purposeful and is under the control of environmental factors that can be changed. Positive behavior support assessment and intervention strategies are based upon research in applied behavior analysis and emphasize the importance of implementing intervention strategies that are effective in natural everyday settings.

Validated Procedures
Our team of professionals collect data to evaluate positive behavior support outcomes which can include program evaluation measures, qualitative research, surveys, rating scales, interviews, correlations analyses, direct observation, and self-report information. These measures are then analyzed to assess the effectiveness of our system-level interventions to ensure the success of multiple interventions while working within everyday situations.

Systems Change
We understand that a positive behavior support plan is only as effective as the extent to which a plan is a good fit for the individuals who will implement it. As part of our ongoing commitment to best practices in the field of applied behavioral analysis, our assessment and intervention strategies consider the larger environment within an organization (such as school, work, and/or social settings) or home to determine what is needed in order to ensure the success of a positive behavior support plan.

Parent Training

Training & Consultation Program

Our approach is simple and we hope you will find learning to be comprehensive as well as fun and interesting. As you learn about ABA, you will realize that the principles of ABA are already deeply-embedded into virtually every aspect of your life. Once you discover this simple truth, we believe that you can and will learn how to systematically promote positive growth and development in your child. At Footprints, together with our parents and families, we are dedicated to promoting meaningful and lasting change by:

    • Addressing each child’s unique needs
    • Building on socially significant behaviors
    • Decreasing challenging behaviors
    • Generalizing pivotal behaviors across multiple settings

To begin your journey, please send us and email at: or call us at 714-848-8319