Program Development, Consultation & Supervision

Our Footprints Program directors are committed to the development of highly-individualized program goals and objectives designed to foster and develop your child’s full potential. Through conducting developmental and functional behavioral assessments, our team works with you to create a dynamic and progressive program to promote learning and development.

Home-based ABA Intervention

Intensive ABA therapy services are provided in your home and in the community setting to optimize natural learning opportunities and to promote the generalization of skills learned. The intensity of therapy services provided are based upon your child’s unique needs.

School-based ABA intervention

Our school-based ABA therapy services are provided in the school setting to promote and facilitate independence, social skills, communication, and academic success. Our team will work closely with your child’s classroom teacher and school to help your child achieve skills required for successful inclusion into a mainstreamed setting.

Footprints independence facilitators are not only skilled in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, but also seamlessly integrate their supports into the natural learning environment, assist with classroom transitions, serve to increase socialization and conversation during lunch and recess times, and provide parents with daily communication logs. Our communication logs are designed to provide you with insight to your child’s school day, updates with progress on goals, record behavioral data, and to identify skill deficits and/or excesses which may need to be targeted more intensively in the home setting and then generalized to the school setting. Under the close supervision of your Clinical and/or Program Supervisor, our team works collaboratively with your child’s academic team and peers to ensure goals and objectives in your child’s IFSP/IEP are addressed and on target, thus promoting both academic and social success.

Through years of dedicated service, our team has had the privilege of working with multiple districts throughout Orange County. Our team continues to build relationships and work collaboratively with local school districts including but not limited to:

    • Cypress School District
    • Irvine Unified School District
    • Garden Grove Unified School District
    • Los Alamitos Unified School District
    • Newport Mesa Unified School District
    • Saddleback Valley Unified School District
    • San Juan Capistrano Unified School District

Parent Education & Training

Our parent education and training program provides parents with direct 1:1 support and coaching to assist parents with learning the basics of Applied Behavioral Analysis. In addition, our unique parent consultation model is designed to equip families with essential skills necessary to apply the science of ABA to teach new skills, increase communication, and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

Consultation and Training for Professionals/Organizations

Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Autism experts are available to consult, collaborate, and train your staff in the principles of applied behavior analysis. In addition, our professionals are available to provide topical presentation for your organization to promote education and awareness of autism and the science of applied behavioral analysis. Our staff has lectured for organizations including but not limited to Disneyland Corporation, Colorado Department of Education, UC Irvine Extensions University, and Great Plains Laboratory.

Workshop Services

For families residing outside of Footprints service areas, our workshop model provides families with similar services as our intensive home based ABA therapy model except that families hire their own instructors. Footprints will provide your home team with the necessary training and programming oversight to ensure your child’s program goals and needs are met. Our Footprints Program Director will travel to your home quarterly to provide direct training and supervision for your staff. In addition, your program will be maintained via video conferencing, phone consultations, email correspondence, and video reviews via BI capture.